About us / Vision

About us / Vision

1. Professionally committed to information science and technology exchange and trade development of global biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical fields, and supply domestic and overseas customers with high-quality biochemical products and service, to create more value to customers.

2. To work for environmental protection and take the road of sustainable industry development, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions, to create human harmonious society.

3.Better Chemical ,Better Life!

Short-term target:

1. Annual export doubled every year, and extend commodity exports to more countries and regions. The scale of company doubled in two or three years.

2. establish and improve the international biological, chemical industry's on-line transactions, provide B2C platform with third-party guarantees which will solve the credit problem of payment, the long circle length of dispatching goods, and the high transport costs and other current issues, to achieve the smooth electronic functioning of business in chemical industry and on-line transactions.

Long-term schedule: to be China's largest distributor of Bio-chemistry and become the world's leading online trading platform for bio-chemical.